Lucas Associates was founded on the notion that a small architectural firm that is both experienced
and versatile can provide, as generalists, unique, appropriate architectural solutions and offer, as
specialists, the success of process and the habit of design excellence.
Design excellence is achieved first by beginning well- a deliberate, thoughtful process which
documents the client's aspirations and priorities. These are the standards which measure the process
from analysis, through alternative investigation, to synthesis.
The design will be governed by a powerful, clear concept which communicates and guides the
process through the development of details and the scrutiny of the design team's technicians and
engineers. The project's aesthetics will also be formulated early according to the client's inspiration, a
respect for the contextual landscape, and an experienced facility for the elements of scale,
proportion, and referential beauty.
Our way of working is to establish a clear and respectful dialogue not only within the design team,
but also with the representatives of the client. The nature of this communication is frequent and
patient- anticipating future decisions and documenting the past.
Our ultimate goal is to provide service of the highest quality for our clients through a creative,
inclusive process which satisfies their functional requirements and complies with the scope of the
program, budget, and schedule.